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Kroger Co Rolls Out New Blood Testing Device

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Kroger Co is a bigger retailer supermarket. In addition to that Kroger Co also develops Kroger Pharmacy to serve people. The Kroger Co has 2,200 pharmacies around 37 states.

Kroger Pharmacy
Kroger Pharmacy

Kroger Health is a free health service program which is conducting by the Kroger Co. The primary intention of all the Kroger Co is to make the country healthy & happy.

Kroger Co is providing the Point of CareBlood testing devices all over the country to eradicate the heart diseases at the early stage.

Moreover, the supermarket’s giant health service arm rolls out the new Handheld CardioChek Plus analyzer’s.

CardioChek Plus analyzer
CardioChek Plus analyzer

These handheld CardioChek Plus analyzer’s are available at different health care centers & clinics. Almost, these Handheld CardioCheck analyzer’s are available at 2,100 locations.

By providing these Handheld Cardio Chek Plus analyzer’s, we can easily identify the blood pressure, heart stroke, diabetes, & heart attacks.

Nearly one-third of the American people are suffering from diabetes, Pre-diabetes, high cholesterol.

Mainly of this reason, Kroger Health professionals took this decision to roll out the Cardio CheckPlus at different locations.

How Does the CardioChek Plus work? Importance Of CardioCheck Plus?

With a finger-stick, you can measure the glucose level and lipid profile of an individual. So, it saves much time and eliminates the tests separately for the Lipids and Glucose level.

Moreover, with the CardioCheck Plus you can measure total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose. Also, provides the real time reading’s with the accurate results in 90 seconds.

Thus, by taking the CardioCheck Plus test, every individual can take preventive measures quickly if needed. Also, Kroger Health has set up a 22,000 health care center’s across its pharmacies and clinics.

Colleen Lindholz, the president of the Kroger Health says that, one of the best way’s to reduce the decease is to “Know Your Number.”

If you know that you have diabetes, then, you can take some preventive measures like Exercise, Diet, meditation, etc.

There are many of Kroger Health pharmacies or clinics in America. Moreover, 85% of the people are very near these clinics.

So, Kroger’s Health main intention is, every individual can visit the clinic ASAP and monitor the health conditions. Therefore, visit the Kroger nearest location soon.

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