Pay Grocery Bills At Kroger Co With Kroger Pay

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Kroger Pay

Everyone is familiar with the name Kroger or Kroger Co. It is one of the best retailer stores in the United States. As of December 2018, Kroger retailer store has 2,765 supermarkets and multi-department stores.

Whereas, among the Fortune 500, Kroger stands 17. As per the report in the 2018, the Kroger income is $122,662.

In addition to all those, Kroger is conducting a customer experience survey at to get the feedback from the customers.

Customer facility is the primary priority for the Kroger Co. So, it adds one more facility for its customer’s, i.e, Kroger’s Pay.

Kroger pay payment app
Kroger Pay App

From now, all the customers at the Kroger’s can pay their grocery bills by scanning the smartphone.

To speed up the customer’s checkpoint, the nations biggest supermarket, launches the Kroger Pay app for easy check out.

With this Kroger Pay application, the waiting for customer’s at the check point is almost over. But, right now, this facility is available only at the

The Kroger Pay mobile app is not present in all parts of its stores. Further, the team of the Kroger Co is planning to provide this facility at all the supermarket’s within this spring season.

Moreover, you can link this Kroger Pay app with your Debit card or credit card. Therefore, paying bills at the Kroger Supermarket is a cake-walk for everyone.

How does the Kroger Pay app works?

  1. First of all, to use the Kroger Pay app, you have to connect your Kroger Pay app with your Credit or Debit card.
  2. The next step is to pay the bill, for that, you have to scan your QR Code at the check point of the Kroger Co Supermarket.
scan the qr code
Kroger Pay QR Code

Further, Kroger Pay is one of the fewer mobile payment wallets that have a pair of loyalty and payment.

The Kroger Co also introduces a new facility for the customer’s as the Kroger’s Rewards Debit Card. This Kroger Rewards Debit card directly connects to the customer’s. Also, it offers some fuel points, bonus points to the customers.

Moreover, the bonus Points, Fuel Points doubles when the Kroger Reward Card attaches with the Kroger Pay.

Kroger, also, said that the Kroger Pay will expand to 10 more cities in this spring, and, will expand all over the nation later this year.

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