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How To Earn Kroger Fuel Points – Official Guide 2023

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Kroger is an American Retail Company, the founder of the Kroger Co/Kroger is Bernard Kroger. He founded the Kroger company in the year 1883.

Kroger Co/Kroger is the largest supermarket by revenue in the United States. Further, it is the second largest general retailer in the United States, behind Walmart.

Kroger Supermarket
Kroger Marketplace

Till now, Kroger has 2,800 supermarkets across 35 states. So, to maintain such a big organization, it needs plenty of customers, and Kroger is handling all those easily.

Kroger also provides fuel points to customers as a reward. You get these fuel points as a reward by purchasing at Kroger Fuel Centers. Fuel points are nothing but the discounts you get on the gallon of fuel.

How do Kroger Fuel Points Work?

If you have the Kroger Fuel Points, you will surely get an offer at Fuel Centers. Also, you may get $1 Off Per Gallon on your purchase at the Fuel centers.

You will get the 10¢ off at the participating Shell gas stations. If you are at the shell stations, you can redeem a maximum of 100 fuel points per 10¢.

You can redeem 1000 fuel points for every Fuel fill-up at the Kroger Fuel Centers. You can use any one of the above offers, and you can’t combine both offers at a time.

How To Earn Kroger Fuel Points 2023 (Easy Way)

Read the following steps to earn Kroger fuel points.

how to earn fuel points
Kroger Fuel Points
  • You must invest in the groceries to earn the Kroger Fuel Points. You will get a Fuel Point for every dollar you invest in the grocery. For example, for $50, you get 50 Fuel Points.
  • Also, win Kroger Fuel points by buying the Beverages.
  • The other and best way to earn more fuel points is by Gift Cards. For example, if you spend $50 on gift cards, you will get 100 Fuel Points.

How To Get 4x FUEL POINTS?

Buy a gift card from the Kroger store, and get a chance to win 4x FUEL POINTS easily. You can get these 4x FUEL POINTS fuel points by buying the participating gift cards.

win kroger fuel points
4x Fuel Points

Further, the list for the participating gift cards is Dining/Restaurant, Happy, Choice, and Movie Theatres, as well as digital content entertainment cards, including iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft XBOX, Sony Playstation, Steam, Nintendo, HULU, Netflix, and GameStop. So, get the digital coupons and get a chance to win 4x FUEL POINTS.

You can also earn 50 Fuel Points & $5000 Gift Card by taking the Kroger.Com/Feedback Survey.

Kroger Fuel Points concept is a great idea by the Kroger Co. Surely, attracting customers a lot. Also, it helps the customers to save bucks.

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